Torro 1/16 RC M16 Half-track


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Torro 1/16 RC M16 Half-track



The M16 Half-track vehicle with quadruplet flak (4 x 12.7 mm) for anti-aircraft defence was built on the basis of the successful M3 half-track team transporter. Together with the M15 it formed the mobile anti-aircraft defence of the American armed forces in World War II and was a milestone for the American army. Due to the top speed of 70 km/h and the half-track drive, the M16 Half-track vehicles achieved a much better off-road capability than wheeled vehicles. The high firepower of the 4×12.7 mm machine guns was very effective and was therefore very feared by the flying units.

The M16 Half-track vehicle with a quadruplet flak (4 x 12.7 mm) for anti-aircraft defence served as a model for this very detailed 1/16 RC model. The vehicle frame and the drive are almost completely made of metal.
The construction of the Vierlingsflak is in heights – and in side direction swivelling and with a firing imitation (light and sound) equipped. The wheel steering and the chain drive are servo-controlled and therefore very easy to operate.
The set already contains 2 detailed driver figures and the model is ready for use immediately after the batteries have been inserted.


Scope of delivery / Details :

  • Torro M16 Half-track (fully assembled)
  • Vehicle frame and drive train almost entirely of metal!
  • Servo-controlled wheel steering
  • 5-Channel RC Remote Control 2.4 GHz
  • Proportional control track drive with 64 speed steps
  • Model Dimensions approx 413 mm x 156 x 168 mm (L x W x H)
  • Vierlingsflak: 360 ° turnable and adjustable elevation, with firing imitation (light and sound)
  • illuminated front and back-up light
  • Plastic body
  • Rubber tires
  • 2 driver figures
  • Power supply with AA batteries, AA batteries or 9.6V battery’s (batteries u.’s Battery not included)