Torro 1/16 RC Tiger I camo IR


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Torro 1/16 RC Tiger I camo IR

Battery pack and charger can be ordered separately !!



The Tiger I was the first German heavy battle tank, which was used in World War II.
It was introduced in 1942, after the inferiority of the previous models Panzer III and Panzer IV against the Soviet T-34 was also shown how the KW-1.

The construction of the Tigers put the emphasis on armor and armament.
The 88-mm gun and its high penetration power was to end war surpassed by only a few tanks of guns and armor of Allied armored vehicles was more than a match.
The standard 39 grenade penetrated 100 mm steel at 1000 meters.
This enabled the Tiger to destroy an attacking T-34 tank at twice the distance from which it itself was in danger.

Details / Socpe of delivery:

  • Tiger 1
  • Scale 1:16
  • Infrared battle system with friend or foe identification
  • 2×280 3x 130 Super Super Motors & Engines
  • Speed of 0.5 m / s
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Dimensions: about 500x230x190 (LxWxH mm)
  • RC-5 remote control channel
  • Functions: forward / backward / left / right
  • Turning on the spot
  • Turret is 160 ° left / right turnable
  • Cannon up / down controlled
  • Sound module and recoil, fire action
  • Illuminated MG fire
  • Length about 20 cm cannon
  • Single link tracks
  • Tracks about 4.5 cm wide
  • Wheel suspension
  • Manual
  • Summer camo
  • Power supply with AA batteries, rechargeable AA batteries or 9.6V,  650 mAh Ni-Mh battery pack  (batteries u.’s Battery pack not included)

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